Auto Clicker Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

A lot of people find mouse clicking games entertaining to play. However, these mouse clicking games such as the secret of monkey islands also demand a high level of stamina and speed. Gamers drain their energy with small bursts of clicking while playing these types of games. But, there are some alternative ways with which you can automate clicks and save your energy in the fingers. A lot of players use auto clicker software that can automate clicks.

Defining autoclicker software :

An autoclicker program allows you to automatically click the Right, Middle, or Left button of your mouse with a configurable keyboard shortcut key. These programs help users to click any button of the mouse at fixed or variable clicking speed according to their desire. If you download and install this type of program on your device, the software will do the mouse clicking tasks for you and provide your fingers some rest while playing mouse clicking games such as the Saint Row game that involves players to click mouse button several times while playing. These types of business software can also be useful for management workers who have to work on their PCs for extended periods.

This software can be similar to simple programs that simulate mouse clicking.  However, more complex programs are usually custom-made to be used with one specific software and they also involve memory reading. These complex programs are useful for business owners. They can use these programs for their business project. People working in the sales team have to click the mouse thousands of times while working for their respective organizations and these programs can be useful for them. GS auto clicker is a popular program of this category that you can use to automate mouse clicks. It is considered to be one of the best auto-clicking programs available out there in the market. Sourceforge has also posted a great auto clicker on its official website which you can use. You can get other programs of this category such as Free Auto Clicker, Perfect Automation Clicker, and Free Mouse Clicker from the internet.

The main window of these programs allows users to configure different options for this software. Users can configure options such as time delay between automated clicks, setting the number of mouse clicks you want to be automated, and a hotkey to start or stop the automated mouse clicking. These types of software also allow users to explore advanced tools and functions of auto-clicking programs. With these programs, you can configure the interval between automated mouse clicks in minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. These types of software also displays the number of mouse clicks you have automated, and other built-in features of this software include key presser, macro recorder, fixed point clicker, and color clicker, etc.

Auto Clicker

You may also note that if you are a person who plays a lot of games, and you are planning to use the auto clicker while playing games, some games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic may not allow the use of this type of software for automated mouse clicking.

Features :

  • This software is free to use and it is open-source software.
  • You can set to follow or tracking the cursor or you can also define a particular location while using this program.
  • This software also allows users to configure the click rate or you can also set the click rate to an unlimited number of automated mouse clicks.
  • You can select an automated clicking between the right, middle, and left buttons of your mouse.
  • This software comes with support single, double, as well as triple mouse clicking.
  • Hotkeys operate in the background while using this software.
  • Low CPU usage is also a benefit of these types of programs.

How to download ?

As we have discussed what an auto clicker software is, we will now discuss how to use it. However, before knowing how to use it, you should know how to download this type of software on your PC. The following are the steps you need to follow for downloading this software on your PC.

  • Open your web browser and search for an auto clicker.
  • Go to websites such as Softonic or Sourceforge and click the download button.
  • Please wait for the software to be downloaded on your Windows PC.
  • Once the download is complete, go to the locations of your computer where the download folder is located and open the download folder. You will see the setup file added to your download folder. Double click the downloaded file with your mouse.
  • Now, the setup will start the installation process. Read the permissions this software requires and click the ‘agree’ button.
  • Then a screen will appear displaying an ‘install’ button. Click on the install button and wait for the installation process to be completed. Now click ‘Finish’ to exit the last screen of the setup. You are now ready to use this software on your computer.

How to use it ?

We hope that the above discussion will be useful for you while downloading an auto clicker. You should also make sure that you download this type of program from a trusted source. Now, we will discuss how to use this software.

  • After downloading the software on your device, open the auto clicker
  • Firstly, set the time interval for mouse clicks and the time after which you want the click to be made. The top feature of this software is that you can even set the time interval from milliseconds up to several hours.
  • After you are done setting the time interval for each mouse click, you should now set the click options. You can set the click options by choosing a fixed mouse button. Then, set a fixed number of repetitions of mouse clicks along with the type of mouse click.
  • You can also create a shortcut key to start as well as stop the automated clicking of the mouse.
  • Now, you should select the cursor position by selecting the current locations of your cursor. You can also choose a new location on your screen for the cursor position.
  • You are now ready to start the software. Click on the start option to start the program.
  • After you are done with the required task, you can now choose to stop the software from running. You can stop the program by pressing the Stop button or clicking the hotkey.

Changing the hotkey settings :

You may want to change the hotkey settings of your software according to your desires. For changing the hotkey settings, you will first have to open the software and locate the Hotkey setting button from the settings of this program. Tap on the hotkey setting button and a screen will appear. You will see a start/ stop button, click on this button. Now, you can choose the hotkey by pressing the desired key on the keyboard of your computer. Mostly, the default hotkey of this software is F6. The key you have now pressed will be set as the hotkey for your software.