How To Enter Bios Windows 7


BIOS stands for the basic input and output system. BIOS check all your input and out devices if they connected or work appropriately because if any of the software does not work, your computer will not start. BIOS makes sure all other chips, and hard devices function together. BIOS is the first software which runs … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Reset Windows 10 ?

There is a ‘Reset your PC’ option available in the Windows 10 operating system which allows users to quickly restore Windows 10 to the factory default configuration. The process is faster and convenient as compared to reinstalling Windows from scratch or using the manufacturer’s recovery partition. Windows 8 offered a separate ‘Refresh your computer’ option, … Read more

How To Fix Mic Sensitivity ?

Mic Sensitivity

If the sensitivity settings of your microphone are not properly configured, you may experience unwanted background noise while using your microphone. This can cause annoying situations while recording high-quality audio. Usually, the default settings offered by the Windows 10 operating system are not optimized for reducing background noise. To resolve this issue, you need to … Read more