How Long Does It Take To Reset Windows 10 ?

There is a ‘Reset your PC’ option available in the Windows 10 operating system which allows users to quickly restore Windows 10 to the factory default configuration. The process is faster and convenient as compared to reinstalling Windows from scratch or using the manufacturer’s recovery partition. Windows 8 offered a separate ‘Refresh your computer’ option, and there was also a Reset your PC option available in the Windows 8 operating system. The Refresh option allows users to keep all their files as well as personalization settings, however, the PC settings were restored to default and it also uninstalled the desktop apps installed on the PC. The Reset option removed everything on the computer and re-installed Windows from scratch.

Things are a bit simpler on Windows 10 operating system. You will only find a ‘Reset your PC’ option, but users get to choose whether to keep their personal files saved on the PC or not during the process. Here, we will discuss the process to reset Windows 10 and how much time it takes to reset your Windows 10 PC.Download Auto clicker for free

How the ‘Reset this PC’ option works ?

Windows resets itself to the factory default configuration when a person uses the ‘Reset this PC’ feature of the Windows 10. With this feature, all the manufacturer-installed software and drivers that came with the system will be re-installed automatically. During the resetting process, you will get to decide whether to keep your personal files or remove them from your PC. All the programs installed by the user will be removed during this process. After resetting your PC, you will have a fresh system.

How to reset your PC ?

If you want to reset your Windows 10 PC to its factory default configuration, you need to open ‘Settings,’ and find the ‘Update & Security’ option. Click on this option and look for the ‘Recovery’ option. Now, you will see a ‘Get Started’ button. This button is located under ‘Reset this PC.’ Clicking on this button will start resetting your PC.

If you click on the ‘Keep my files’ option, your personal files will not be removed during the process. However, choosing the ‘Remove everything’ option will erase everything on your PC. Using this option is recommended if you are planning to give your PC to someone else.

How long does it take to reset the PC ?

If the ‘Reset this PC’ feature of your Windows 10 PC works fine and your PC does not get stuck during the process, it will take around three hours to complete the process. Here is a breakdown of the average timing during this process.Learn How To Fix Mic Sensitivity ?

  • Zero minutes: when you start the ‘Reset’ process.
  • After 65 minutes, the resetting process is complete and you can log in to your device and ‘Check for updates.’
  • Now, you will start applying updates, and after 25 minutes, the update process will be finished.
  • Microsoft Office will be re-installed on your PC, and this process will take approximately one hour to complete.
  • Now, other programs will be installed on your PC from network media.

The whole process will take around 3 hours to complete, and you will now have a fresh Windows 10 PC.

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