How To Enter Bios Windows 7

BIOS stands for the basic input and output system.

BIOS check all your input and out devices if they connected or work appropriately because if any of the software does not work, your computer will not start.

BIOS makes sure all other chips, and hard devices function together.

BIOS is the first software which runs when you switch on your computer


To check out all input and out devices or hardware connections

BIOS test first, if there isn’t any problem with the programs and deals with both input and out devices is that, keyboard mouse, monitor, or printer.


BIOS inform your operating gadget what to do it additionally set up all of the programs from the hardware that installed within the computer

The BIOS consists of commands on how to load basic computer hardware. The BIOS also includes a test known as a POST (Power-On Self-Test), which will make sure that the computer meets necessities as well up correctly. If the PC does not pass the POST, you’ll receive a combination of beeps indicating what is malfunctioning inside the PC.Download Auto clicker from here


BIOS is stored in ROM called READ-ONLY-MEMORY on the motherboard.



  1. STEP 1

Turn off your computer. You can open the BIOS properly before you spot Microsoft Windows 7 when starting your computer.

  1. STEP 2

Now press DLT key from your keyboard, or standard keys are F2, F12 OR ESC.

Many computer systems will display the vital thing you want to press to open the BIOS before loading the Windows 7 working system.

  1. STEP 3

Now enter the boot menu you may select by using arrow keys to scroll down to get to enter setup, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You have to scroll down until you get to enter a setup now, you can hit the enter setup area.

  1. STEP 4

To navigate your bios setting, you can use your arrow keys again to go from tab to tab. Go up and down will change the given page.

If you want to change something you would hit, enter, and follow along with the key on the bottom of your screen and enter the submenu if you want to go to the previous page, hit the ESC key.

  1. STEP 5

If you want to change the boot order, just scroll over the booting tab on the top of the screen that will give you a boat order for your device.

Now if you wanted to boat off a cd or DVD all you would do is a select CD ROM and click enter to select it, you will click the plus sign at the bottom to change the value and then will move it up, and subtraction sign will move it down once you have made your changes in the bios.

You want to click the f10 and exit. It might be different depending on your specific specification, but the general gist would be the same. You will prompt to save the configuration.

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